About Us

Welcome to InterrogationInk - Your Exclusive Glimpse into the Real World of Law Enforcement.

Born from over two decades of raw experiences in the frontline of law enforcement, InterrogationInk is more than just an online print on demand shop. We are a dedicated team of law enforcement officers and detectives who have spent countless hours conducting interviews and interrogations with suspects in various crimes. From the nefarious minds of serial killers to the absurd justifications of petty thieves, we've heard it all. Now, we bring these chilling, ridiculous, and occasionally humorous statements directly to you.

Our products are steeped in authenticity, featuring quotes taken directly from our encounters and those of our colleagues in law enforcement. Every t-shirt, sticker or accessory you buy from InterrogationInk isn't just an item of clothing or a piece of decor; it's a fragment of crime history, a conversation starter, and an intimate connection to the stories you love.

With a commitment to quality and authenticity, our print on demand services rank among the top in the country. You can trust that every product from InterrogationInk meets the highest standards.

Our primary audience? You - the true crime enthusiast, the armchair detective, the super sleuth. With each purchase, we want to deepen your engagement with the stories you can't get enough of. Whether it's a t-shirt featuring a chilling statement or a coffee mug with an absurd quote, we aim to offer you another way to connect with the world of true crime.

At InterrogationInk, we understand the allure of the unknown, the drive to solve a mystery, and the appeal of a narrative that defies comprehension. We exist to feed your curiosity, to offer you a piece of the story that you can wear, share, and use to spark intriguing conversations.